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Shrimparadise About Us.

Promarmex and Mexican Shrimp Paradise brand vision is to become a synonymous with quality and safety by supplying markets with 100% natural, selected and certified product 365 days a year. Every memeber in our group is committed to providing only the best tasting and safe product on the market today.

Promarmex is a consortium with more than 400 fishing boats, to market their shrimp under its own private brand namely Mexican Shrip Paradise.

In its firt year (2008), 90,000 lbs was produced and exported to the United States. Eight years later, more than seven million pounds has been produced and shipped. The fleet fishes anywhere from the Baja peninsula northward to Guaymas and down to the south of Mexico near the Guatemalan border. For this reason, Promarmex can produce almost any size and species available in the Sea of Cortez. The brand is intented to be distributed to leading foodservice companies serving gourmettype supermarkets, restaurants and hotels by a professional network of international agents located within the United States, Canada and Japan.




A fleet of more than 400 botas, all located in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México. Promarmex is dedicated to catching 100% natural, chem free wild caught shrimp by using only mechanical shrimp boats. The fleet employs more than 2,500 fisherman.



The cooperative is comprised of 9 plants, all nine plants adhre strictly to HACCP standards. As they are located in Mazatlán, they are closely monitored by Promarmex own QC team to insure that these strict standards are followed carefully.



Amende & Schultz who is responsible for sales and marketing of the brand in the United States. With over 50 years of experience in seafood sales, they are ableto give their customers a high quality shrimp while at the same time providing great service and personal attention.